- Vision Tracking


    An area of computer vision is active vision, sometimes also called active computer vision. An active vision system is one that can manipulate the viewpoint of the camera(s) in order to investigate the environment and get better information from it.


    The purpose of this project is to track the specific color or object so that the camera adjusts its orientation on that object.


    To begin with, the hardware consists of two servomotors. These two servomaotors are intended to rotate the webcam vertically and horizontally.

    The system consist of three parts: servo motor with camera, servomotor controller and computer.

    The camera can detect the center of a object. When we set the color as 'blue', the vision detects a series of blue color, and calcurates the center of the blue object. If the position of object center is not on the center of the screen, the computer order the servomotors adjust it's position until the object center correspond with the center of the screen.