- Omni-directional Stereo Camera

Crab's Eye

    Some of the earth's simiplest creatures have a most complicated way of seeing the world. Although the crabs do not see as much fine details as humans, their eyes are taliored to the specific needs in their world. For instance, crab eyes see the 300~340 degree panorama around them.


reference : Jochen Zeil Jan M. Hemmi "The visual ecology of fiddler crabs"

Omni-directional Camera

    An omni-directional camera is a camera with a 360-degree field of view. The raw image of pictures, acquired from omni-directional camera, are circle-like structure. After the process which converts Polar-coordinate to Cartesian coordinate, paranoid Images can be obtained.


Omnidirectional Camera


Omnidirectional Camera image : Circular image


Omnidirectional Camera image : Panorama image